Important Beginning of the Year Information

Dear Parents,

Assalamu alaikum.   We are very excited to see our students back; in-person and virtual.  Insha’Allah it will be a very successful year.  I am happy to inform you that our school reopening plan was approved by the Lucas County Health Department.  Now we can move forward and welcome our students back to school.

I am writing to you to give you important information about the beginning of school, as well as important health and safety practices that we will follow during the year.  As we informed you in a prior email, the first days of school for grades PK-2 and 6-8 will be Monday-Tuesday, August 31st-September 1st.  Grades 3-5 and 9-12 will join the other grades on Wednesday, September 2nd.  The in-person will end for everyone on Thursday, Sept 3rd.  All grades will be online on Friday, September 4th.  School hours will be from 8 am-2 pm.

For full-time working parents, there is the option of after school care Mondays-Thursdays until 3:15 pm. An online form will be emailed.  Parents need to fill out the form and get the school approval before starting the after-hours care.

Virtual Open-house and Virtual Orientation:

-The virtual orientation will be held on Thursday, August 27th from 6-7 pm. This will be a presentation by the school administration where procedures and school daily logistics will be covered, as well as questions will be answered.  After the school presentation, there will be a COVID presentation with Arabic translation.

-The virtual open-house will be held on Friday, August 28th from 6-8 pm.  Teachers will be meeting their students and their parents virtually where they will talk about curriculum and class procedures.  A schedule will be sent shortly to parents.

The following are important information for parents:

Drop-off and pick up:


1-      Drop off on Monday, August 31st will be in the parking lot close to the playground where teachers will be standing holding signs with their names and grades.  KG-2nd grades are split into two cohorts (sections). Parents will be receiving which cohort their child will be in.  Each cohort will be taught by both teachers. On Tuesday, September 1st and ongoing, students will be dropped off at the side glass door.

2-    On Wednesday, September 2nd grades 3-5 will start.  Drop-off will be at the area close to the playground. Same procedures as above.  Drop-off on Thursday and ongoing students will be dropped off at the side glass door

3-      Upon arrival and as students come out of the car, students’ temperatures will be taken. We ask the parent or the ride not to move until they get the clearance.

4-    Dismissal will be from the side glass door for all grades.  Will be calling student names until we switch to family numbers later in the month.

Middle and High school:

1-     6th and 7th grade students will be dropped off at the modular classrooms.  The rest of the students will be dropped off at the back glass door.

2-     6th and 7th grade will be picked up at the modular classrooms.  The rest of the students will be picked up at the back glass door.


1-      School lunch will not start until mid-September.  Please pack lunch for grades PK-12, and snacks for grades PK-5 students.  Make sure that the lunch does not need to be warmed up.  Also, due to the fact that students will be eating lunch in the classrooms and we have limited space, we strongly recommend that you pack in disposable containers and lunch bags.

2-    Please send water bottles with your children.  Health Department’s recommendation is not to use shared water fountains in the school.  Therefore, water fountains will be turned off and students will not be allowed to drink or refill their water bottles from it. If you know that your child drinks a lot of water, please send an extra disposable water bottle with him/her.

Health and Safety:

1-      Please take your child’s temperature before leaving home.  If the child has a higher temperature than normal, keep him/her home. Please do not give them a temperature reducer and send him/her to school.

2-      Students’ temperature will be taken in the middle of the day.

3-      If your child has a runny nose, cough, or feels fatigued, please keep him/her at home.  Teachers will be sending any student to the office if the student exhibits any of the COVID symptoms and parents will be required to pick up the child.

4-      MASKS are required for all grades.  Please make sure that your child is wearing a mask that fits his/her face and covers their nose and mouth.  PLEASE do not send a child in elementary grades in an adult-sized mask.

5-      A spare mask is needed to be sent to school with grades PK-5th with the name of the child on the bag. The spare mask will be kept in the child’s bin just in case the one that the child was wearing gets dirty or misplaced.

6-      To limit contamination, parents and visitors will not be allowed in the building during school hours.

7-      Please schedule any children’s appointments after 2 pm. We would like to limit students leaving the building during school hours as much as possible.  If you must pick up a student for an appointment, do not bring them back to school after the appointment.

School Supplies:

1-      School supplies should be placed in the child’s book bag on the first day if there is a supply list for the class.  If the supplies are heavy for the child, please divide them between two days; send the essentials on the first day and the rest on the second day.

2-      Due to the limited storage space, the school asked the teachers to take the hand-sanitizers and paper products off their list so the school can buy as needed.  Thus, we are asking parents to send $10/child so the school can cover part of the cost of these items.

We would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to make the in-person experience as safe as we can.  We would like to just remind parents that what you do in your daily social life can affect the school’s continuation to be open in person.  Please stay safe and healthy.

Looking forward to seeing our students in person and online.

Best regards,

Dr. Gomaa, Principal

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