Toledo Islamic Academy is an advocate for school choice and our students are the proud recipients of several scholarships. These include: the EdChoice Scholarship, the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund, the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, and the TIA Scholarship Fund. Please read below for information on each program.

EdChoice Scholarship Program (Grades K – 12)


The EdChoice Program benefits students whose resident districts contain under-performing public schools. The program offers these students the opportunity to attend participating private schools. The program provides up to 60,000 EdChoice scholarships to eligible students. The application period begins in February of each year for the following year. For more information, please visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website: http://EdChoice-Resources .

Complete the Scholarship Request Form  FY25-EDCHOICE-SCHOLARSHIP-PROGRAM-Request-Form. Complete one (separate) application for each eligible student.

Complete the Scholarship Renewal Form FY25-EDCHOICE-SCHOLARSHIP-PROGRAM-Renewal-Form . Complete one (separate) application for each eligible student.

Under “here Quick-Guide-Income-Verification

Under “here  Acceptable-Proof-of-Address 

Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund (Grades K – 8) 

The NOSF believes that parents should have the opportunity to choose the best school for their children and their goal is to provide access to quality education to all children regardless of economic circumstances. The fund describes itself as being in the business of giving hope, and currently serves over 650 children and their families. Please visit for more information. The deadline for this opportunity is June 1 of each year.

Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship (Grades K -12)

TIA Scholarship Fund

The Community Scholarship Program succeeds from the efforts of donors and parents. From the generous support of our community members, Toledo Islamic Academy is able to offer scholarships to students based on financial need. Parents of recipients volunteer at the school and offer their time and efforts where it is most needed. A separate form must be completed and submitted for review by the TIA Education Committee. Forms may be picked up from the main office and are reviewed quarterly